State of the Art Golf Range Features 50 Hitting Bays

Hours Of Operation

Monday - Wednesday    10 am to Dark

         Thursday                10 am to Dark

             Friday                   10 am to Dark

          Saturday                 10 am to Dark

           Sunday                   10 am to Dark

​Hours Subject to Change Based on Weather

A Tremendous

Family Experience

Our Newly Renovated State of the Art 18 hole miniature golf course features an island theme complete with waterfall.  It is a great place to host Corporate or Family Functions, Birthday Parties, or as a Fundraiser.

Our Batting Park is the most unique experience in Carroll County.  The Park is an "Open Air" full flight batting environment with foul poles.  We have three stations that provide you options for baseball or softball, and 4 speed settings:  40 mph, 50 mph, 60 mph, and 70 mph. You can also change the height of the pitch.  We do Rentals and have Team Packages.

Island Green Family Fun Center

Events and Promotions

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Open Field Batting Park

Island Themed 18 Hole Miniature Golf Course